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2nd Job Quests
Posted by GM Gabs on 11 November 2020 02:51 PM

2nd job quests:

Dark Elf:
-NPC Pascal Vistierre (For Warlock)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Klein Monastian (For Warlock)

-NPC Wiener Armant (For Wizard)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Viner Dvorak (For Wizard)

-NPC Viviana Nadiv (For Templar)
*With Job Change Certification: Espin Chlorian (For Templar)

-NPC Shailina Illia (For Priest)
*With Job Change Certification: Shayrena Thalia (For Priest)

Half Elf:
-NPC Senecca (For Ranger and Scout)
*With Job Certification: NPC Laksha (For Ranger and Scout)

-NPC Gamaharo Huma (For Predator)
*With Job Certification: NPC Jinsaburo (For Predator)

-Damats Heartwell (For Avenger)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Sprinkling without a name (For Avenger)

-NPC: Istvan Baileys (For Guardian and Defender)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Pyrian Lionheart (For Guardian and Defender)

-NPC: Brayden (For Berserker and Savage)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Urnui (For Berserker and Savage)

-NPC: Haem (For Dragon Sage)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Ai Shin Gior (For Dragon Sage)

-NPC: Surbhar (For Dragon Knight)
*With Job Change Certification: NPC Korgar (For Dragon Knight)

Rank: You can refine the Rank on the Status Refiner NPC.


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