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Guild Logo Issues
Posted by - NA - on 09 October 2008 10:05 PM

When attempting to upload a guild logo (guild icon) for you guild, the file format is very specific as to what will be accepted through our website. Only .tga (Targa) files, size 16x16 pixels with 32 bit color can be uploaded onto the guild page. In addition, only the guild master's account has access to upload a picture for the guild logo.

If you have a picture you would like to upload that does not meet these requirements, you can simply use any program that allows you to edit Targa files (such as Photoshop) in order to edit these images. Photoshop is not the only program that can do this but is the most commonly used one. Below are the steps to edit your image files into guild logo format with Photoshop (these instructions will vary depending on the program you are using):

1. Open the picture file in Photoshop.
2. Select "Image", then "Image Size ...".
3. Change the image size to 16x16 pixels.
4. Go to File > Save as.
5. Select to save the file in format Targa.
6. You should receive a pop up to select the color ratio.
7. Select 32 bit color and save.

If you are not receiving the pop up for the color ration when you attempt to save this file, please open a different TGA or image file that has that color ratio (32 bit) already applied on it. Once it is open, copy the image you wish to upload over the old image file for the 32 bit color file and then save it again.

If you continue to experience issues with uploading your guild logo, please feel free to e-mail these icons to with the image file attached so that we may investigate and convert these images for you appropriately.

Good luck!

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