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What is Account Security?
Posted by - NA - on 21 October 2008 10:33 AM

Account security is paramount to ensure maximum enjoyment of PLAYWITH Interactive games and is ultimately the sole responsibility of each gamer since accounts cannot be compromised through any of the PLAYWITH site's itself.  Most "hacked" or compromised accounts are a direct result of sharing login information with friends or relatives, downloading malicious files from new online acquaintances or questionable sites, and online phishing.


These steps will assist you in keeping your account information as secure as possible:


1. Anti-virus protection 

All gamers should protect their computer by using anti-virus software as well as Firewall protection.  These applications not only provide secure login to PLAYWITH Interactive games but also protect any personal and private information stored on your computer.  Furthermore, critical operating system software updates should occasionally be uploaded from trusted sources to ensure the most secure computer operating environment possible.


2. Secure Password creation 

A unique and not easily guessed password should be chosen and never shared so that the registered user of a PLAYWITH Interactive account is the only person accessing the account.

Secure Password tips include but are not limited to the following:

  • The password should not include words found in a dictionary, either spelled forwards or backwards
  • The password should be between 6 and 20 characters, including upper and lower caps, numbers, and symbols.  The more complex the password, the longer it would take to decipher by a "hacker"
  • The password should be unique and not be shared from other applications.  For example, an email password should NOT be used as a game login password as well.
  • The password should not feature your real name, address, birth date, or easily identifiable information about you.  This prevents social engineers from breaking the password.
  • Periodically change your password.
  • Further password information can be found using one of the many online search engines.


3. Never share login information 

It is a Terms of Service violation to share account login information with anyone!  PLAYWITH Interactive staff will NEVER ask for your password.  This means that you should never provide it to ANYONE, including PLAYWITH Interactive staff.  If your friends and family would like to try out any of the PLAYWITH's games, they may do so by creating a free account at one of the PLAYWITH game sites.
Do not record account login information on or near your computer if the station is shared.  Account login information should be safeguarded at all times.  This protects casual as well as crucial personal information.
Refrain from divulging account information to trade or share accounts for purpose of quick game advancement.  Taking shortcuts in gaming will almost always end in unexpected results including but not limited to compromised or suspended accounts.

4. Know what you download 

With growing popularity of PLAYWITH's games, other gamers will want to gain easy high level access by trying to scam an account from an established member. 
Be weary of emails threatening penalties or claiming rewards in exchange for account login information.  Again, PLAYWITH Interactive will NEVER ask for your account passwords.
Be weary of Instant Messenger users wanting to send you executable files to help you cheat or progress quicker in the game.  Remember that any form of game flaw exploitation with or without use of a third party software program is a direct violation of the Terms of Service.
IM users may also try to send you pictures, links, or even games they have created for you to provide feedback.  Always know what you click and download.  "Hackers" will try everything to cheat you out of your prized possessions

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