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Why will you not tell me how I was cheating?
Posted by - NA - on 21 October 2008 10:37 AM

If your account has been suspended or terminated for using hacks, cheats, or exploits, we will only provide you with a broad reason for the Terms of Service violation and account action.  We are not required to provide evidence and we will not furnish you with exactly how you have violated the Terms of Service or the methodology employed to detect those infractions.  This helps safeguard the integrity of our investigative process.  Rest assured that vigorous effort is applied to account actions as we try to provide free, quality games in a safe and enjoyable gaming environment.

As a reminder, the Terms of Service, to which you agreed when registering and playing, state that PLAYWITH Interactive can and does issue warnings and temporary suspensions and permanent terminations of user identities for user violations. We retain the sole discretion as to when and how to impose warnings, penalties and/or disciplinary actions.  By using the Site, you agree you will be bound by PLAYWITH Interactive's determination as to whether a violation has occurred and any penalty we choose to implement.

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