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Unauthorized Account Access Policy
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Unauthorized Account Access Policy


In cases where malicious activity occurs on a player's account due to unauthorized access the PLAYWITH support staff will investigate the incident within 7 days from the time of its occurrence. Investigations may last up to 7 days from the time the report is initially received. Once a report is received, the account will be locked and all accounts found to be associated during the investigation will be locked as well. Accounts which are confirmed to have been legitimately compromised will receive a reimbursement of the virtual property that is verified to have been lost. Compromised account reports can be submitted to In the event of a repeat compromise, no further restorations will be provided for the account.


You are responsible for the security of your account. If you feel as if another person is accessing your account it is important to change your password as soon as possible. For accounts that are accessed without the owner’s consent, we recommend changing both your account password and secret question to prevent further access. Restorations will be limited to one incident per account, although the PLAYWITH support staff reserves the right to alter this policy at any given time without notice depending on the circumstances involved.


Once the cause of the compromise has been determined, any accounts associated with the responsible party for the malicious actions will be closed and restoration of lost property will be provided. If the account is found to have been shared resulting in the compromise, the offending account may receive a suspension up to account closure depending on the investigation conducted by PLAYWITH support staff. Any erroneous unauthorized access reports submitted for the purpose of trying to scam the PLAYWITH support staff into reimbursing items will result in an account action ranging from suspension to closure as well.

Continued Access

If it is determined that your account is still being accessed by another individual, the PLAYWITH support staff reserves the right to withhold the restoration until your account is properly secured. In these cases, it will be recommended that you change both your account password and secret question.

Account Sharing

In cases where account sharing is found to have been the cause of the compromise, restoration will not be provided for virtual property which has been lost.

Other Services

For accounts confirmed to have received power leveling services during or resulting in the compromise, PLAYWITH reserves the right to roll your character back to their condition prior to receiving these services. Restoration will not be provided for power leveled accounts. In addition, if at any time it has been verified that your account has purchased crones, your account will not be provided any type of crone restoration.

Loss of Cash Items

For accounts with Cash Items on them during the time of the compromise, reimbursement of these items will be strictly limited to losses which occur from:


  1. Malicious Software as a cause for the unauthorized access.
  2. Cash Items lost due to their timer running out while the player is unable to access theri account




Exchange Market and RPs

When an account reports the loss of RPs via Exchange Market transactions, reimburse can be provided through reverse transactions for purchases of items or crone. Character loss will not be eligible for reimbursements.

Access Types

Malicious Access – An account has their password forcefully stolen, whether this is from a keylogger, third party programs, or other malicious software. Full restoration can be provided in these circumstances. Malicious accessing accounts will be closed.


Account Sharing – Player is allowing others to use their account, whether this is to charge cash, play the account, or power level the account. No restorations will be provided in these circumstances. The rogue account will receive an account action for this issue ranging from suspension to closure.


Attempting to Defraud – A player falsifies a report, or tries to mask aspects of the malicious access in order to gain a reimbursement of virtual property. Petitioner will receive account action as well as any verified knowing participants in the scam.


Account Security

You are responsible for the security of your account! In most cases, loss of virtual property is typically caused by (in order by frequency):

  1. Account Sharing
  2. Power Leveling Services
  3. Malicious Software






The best ways to prevent compromise issues are to:

Create a secure password and secret question for your account.

Never give out your account name, password, or secret question.

Do not visit any sites linked to bots, third party programs (hacks), or crone selling.

Keep your computer system up to date and scan regularly for malicious software.

Always log your game out if you play at a PC café and are leaving your station.


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