Item Mall FAQs
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Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: A list of our payment options can be acquired at:

Q: I just bought Rohan Points from (PayPal, Click and Buy) and I haven't received them yet. Where are my RP?
A: When making the initial purchase from either PayPal or the Click and Buy service please note there will be a 48 hour delay for processing of information before Rohan Points are able to be spent on the Item Mall and Exchange Market. Also please be aware that the delay is separate for each service. For example, if a player bought Rohan Points form PayPal and 2 days later bought Rohan Points from Click and Buy, they will need to wait the 48 hour period before using Click and Buys bought Rohan Points. After each service has had a single purchase, further purchases from them will be instant. All other methods of purchasing Rohan Points are also instantly available for use.

Q: I accidentally purchased the same item multiple times. Can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide a reimbursement for RPs for purachses. However if an item is purchased on accident we can exchange these for an item or items of similar value for recent purchases only. Please contact our support staff by submitting a ticket for these requests.

Q: Why are some items available only at certain times on the Item Mall?
A: We have several "limited items" that only appear for sale randomly throughout the month. These sales happen at random and are typically announced on our servers and forums when these occur. Unfortunately we do not have a schedule of limited item sales and are unable to sell these directly to players upon request.

Q: I completed a survey from the Game Coins payment option but haven't been paid for this. How do I get my RPs?
A: First click the "Check Offer Status" button to ensure this survey is registering as "Completed". If the survey is not registering as "Completed" you can click the "Report Problem" button to submit an inquiry to Sometrics to review this survey's functionality. Please not that all free surveys do not register as completed to pay out to the user.
If a survey is registering as "Completed" but the RPs have not been credited to your account you will have to contact Sometrics to have these awarded to you at:

Q: I have purchased an Ultimate Game Card but am receiving an error when I attempt to input this into your billing page. How can I get my RPs?
A: In order to resolve these issues you will have to contact PayByCash at (

Q: Is it possible to transfer Item Mall items to another account?
A: The answer is no. Item Mall items are all account exclusives. They cannot be transferred from one account to another.

Q: What is are difference of Item mall inventory, exchange inventory and event inventory?
A: Item mall inventory stores all the items you purchased from item mall. Item mall inventory can be accessed by all characters, in any server on a given account.
- Exchange inventory serves as a way to receive or transfer an item from exchange market. It must not be used as a storage for items or you might trigger a glitch where your items will disappear.
The exchange inventory is server specific. Meaning there is a different exchange inventory per server.
- Event inventory stores all the items you receive after winning an event. Although there are cases where rewards are dropped on IM inventory. Most of the time it's deposited here.
Event inventory is character exclusive. Meaning each character you create or have has a different event inventory.

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