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Q: What is a solo quest?
A: Solo quest is equivalent to the main story. Solo quest must be accomplished in a progressing order. Meaning you cannot skip any solo quest and take the next solo quest. You must take and complete them all and like the word suggest, you must accomplish it alone. If you're in a party and you’re slaying a monster for a quest item drop. It won't drop anything unless you leave the party.

Q: I died and I dropped my item. I saw someone has picked it up. Can I have it back?
A: If the item was picked up by someone. He is now considered the new owner. It's equivalent to monster that has died and dropped an item. But if the item was not picked up by anyone and just disappeared on the ground restoration may be possible. Contact a GM for further instructions.

Q: What is the limit of safe refining where the item won't break if the refine fails?
A: The limit of safe refining is 15. Beyond that is where the risk of breaking an item will start. So failing in 15 to 16 refine will certainly result to an item to break.

Q: I’m a low level character. How come I was killed by high level characters?
A: This is a PvP oriented game. As long as you’re level 30 and up, you can kill and be killed as long as you’re outside the safe zone. If you feel that you cannot grind in peace due to PvP, there are other places you can go where players will not bother you. Also you may ask your friends or your guild mates to get back at the offender. That’s what the Vengeance system is for.

Q: I just came out from the tutorial zone, How come when I go to Einhoren, the patrols kill me?
A: Most likely you’re a Dhan or Dekan in Assassination mode. Patrols from other nations (aside from Par’talucca and Rev’Deca) will attack you. You’ll know that you’re in Assassination mode if character names are appearing as the player's race name.

Q: Why can’t I see my name or other player’s names? Everyone’s name appears red and as their races name for me.
A: Starting a character as a Dekan or Dhan your character will be defaulted to assassination mode. In assassination mode character names are hidden so that your identity is not revealed.

Q: What are the things we need to do before maintenance (scheduled or emergency) starts?
A: Make sure that all your pets were released properly. Also, make sure that your characters are in safe zones when you log out. Generally it is a good idea to log out 10 minutes prior to the server shutting down to prevent data loss issues that may occur when the server goes offline.

Q: How do I get out of Assassination mode and into Peace mode?
A: Go to your home town and look for the Persona Switch NPC (for Dhans, it’s Quong, for Dekans it’s Nandeeny) and talk to him. He’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to switch your persona.
Please note that for levels 1-30, the persona switch is free. For levels 31-50, it will cost 300,000 crones while for 51+ it will cost 500,000 crones.

Q: Is it ok to fuse pets that I won from the Game Parlor?
A: No. Pets from the Game Parlor have expiration dates. Only permanent pets can be fused with another?

Q: Which pets can we use to fuse a specific pet?
A: Any level 3 permanent pets can be fused. What matters is the fusing agent you’ll be using (from the Item Mall). For King Lion, you need a Lion Crown. For Empress Unicorn you’ll need a Unicorn Horn. For Queen Fairy, you need a Fairy Wing. And for Royal Dragon, you need a Dragon Sphere.

Q: What is the level gap for a party?
A: The level gap for party is 14. This means that if the highest and lowest level members in your party exceed a difference of 14 little to no experience will be gained by all members.

Q: How can I sell items to other players?
A: You can sell items by making a player kiosk (in your emote options) or by listing your items on the Consignment Shop.

Q: What's a Consignment shop?
A: The consignment shop is a place where items can be listed for sale to other players on the server. This varies from a kiosk as there is a fee for listing items however your character can be offline while the sale is running.

Q: What is a player kiosk?
A: A player kiosk allows you to sell items from your character. This requires your character to be logged in for the duration of the time you wish to sell these items. Actions cannot be done while a kiosk is up.

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