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Exchange Market Policy Updated 3/23
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Exchange Market


Virtual Goods
PLAYWITH Interactive, Inc. (“PLAYWITHI”) provides the Exchange Market ("Exchange Market") through which users can buy and sell virtual goods, existing within serviced games of game portal, PlayRohan. Virtual goods include but are not limited to characters, crones, and other in-game items. As used in this Agreement and the Exchange Market: to "sell" a virtual good means to transfer the licensed right to the virtual good in accordance with this Agreement; to "buy" a virtual good means to receive the licensed right to the virtual good in accordance with this Agreement; to "own" a virtual good means to hold the rights granted by PLAYWITHI in the virtual good. Regardless of use of the terms "buy", "sell", and "own" in this Agreement or in the Exchange Market, you do not own any virtual goods. Instead, you have only a license (granted by PLAYWITHI) to the rights represented by virtual goods.


All policies, as posted by PLAYWITHI in the Exchange Market, are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. You agree to comply with all such policies, including without limitation the following:

Fees. You authorize PLAYWITHI to charge for membership (in U.S. dollars). PLAYWITHI reserves the right to modify membership fees or charge a listing fee at any time. All membership fees are nonrefundable. Upon PLAYWITHI's collection of the sale price from the buyer upon a completed sale, PLAYWITHI will deduct a 20% transaction fee and remit the remainder in Rohan Points in the form of E-cash (“E-cash”) to the seller(s).

E-cash. E-cash is the RP earned by the seller(s) from the buyer(s) through the Exchange Market after deduction of seller transaction fee. PLAYWITHI may impose restrictions on E-cash, at PLAYWITHI’s discretion, to pertain to only selected services provided by PLAYWITHI and its game portal, PlayRohan.

Listings. You represent and warrant that you have the virtual goods listed for sale on the Exchange Market in accordance to the descriptions posted. PLAYWITHI will not be liable fora seller’s misrepresentation of virtual goods listed by him/her. Presently, PLAYWITHI offers set-price listings exclusively, but may make an auction format available in the future. Shall PLAYWITHI services be unavailable when any listing is scheduled to terminate, the listing will be extended for a duration deemed appropriate by PLAYWITHI. PLAYWITHI presently limits the number of concurrent active listings for any PLAYWITHI account to ten (10), modifiable at any time, in PLAYWITHI’s sole discretion, with or without notice. Any virtual good that does not sell within the applicable listing period shall be returned to the prospective seller’s inventory to be returned to the game or relisted. PLAYWITHI may terminate or suspend any listing at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. When listing a virtual good for sale, you promise to sell the virtual good at that price. As a buyer of a virtual good on the Exchange Market, you promise that you will remit Rohan Points corresponding to the price for the virtual good. You will not deny or decline any such charge.

Privacy. PLAYWITHI privacy policy, incorporated by reference into this Agreement, can be found at

Outages. PLAYWITHI's foremost priority is to keep the Exchange Market operational, affording you access to theExchange Market at all times. Should the Exchange Market be temporarily unavailable, PLAYWITHI will exercise reasonable effort to restore service as soon as possible. PLAYWITHI will not be responsible for lost activity during the service outage, including but not limited to, incomplete purchases, expired items, and failure to sell any items.

Refunds/Returns. As a buyer, you agree that no refunds or returns will be available under any circumstances. If an item acquired through a compromised account is sold on the Exchange Market, PLAYWITHI reserves the right to reverse this transaction in order to recover the stolen property for the original owner.

Exchange Market Activity. You promise that you will comply with all provisions of this Agreement; and that you or your agents will not (i) use or manipulate the Exchange Market for fraudulent activity or purpose, (ii) engage in any manipulative transaction practices for personal financial gain, (iii) interfere with any other user's listings or transactions, (iv) use the Exchange Market in violation of any law, regulation or ordinance, (v) use an invalid or unauthorized credit card, or other method of payment, (vi) use someone else's account in connection with PLAYWITHI, (vii) buy or sell any virtual goods for real money or any other real world consideration outside of the Exchange Market, (viii) list or sell any virtual goods collectively owned by a guild or similar guild or group arrangement, or (ix) engage in any fraud or misrepresentation.

Information available through the Exchange Market. You agree to use user information, as available in transaction records, only for: (i) PLAYWITHI transaction-related purposes that are not unsolicited commercial messages; (ii) using services offered through PLAYWITHI, or (iii) other purposes that a user expressly chooses.

Operations Obstruction
You agree that you or your agents will not (i) take any action that interferes or attempts to interfere in any manner whatsoever with the operation of the Exchange Market, (ii) attempt to restrict anyone access to the Exchange Market, or (iii) attempt to access PLAYWITHI services or PLAYWITHI systems beyond PLAYWITHI’s express authorization.


Account Security
You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your PLAYWITHI account(s). You are solely liable for all transactions occurring via your PLAYWITHI account(s).


User Breach
You agree that if you do not comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, PLAYWITHI can take any action deemed appropriate, including but not limited to suspending or terminating your access to and participation in the Exchange Market and suspending or terminating your account entirely. You hereby consent to PLAYWITHI monitoring all Exchange Market activity, and investigating any suspected breach of this Agreement.


PLAYWITH reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. All changes to the Policy will be effective
when posted, and your continued use of any PLAYWITH website or service after the posting will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.

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