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Harassment Policy Updated 3/23
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Harassment Policy


PLAYWITH Interactive introduces our globally serviced game portal, PlayRohan. The community of our game portal is comprised of gamers with the capability of speaking multiple languages which often stem from diverse cultures that others may not be used to. With the many different backgrounds that come along with this community, it is possible that opinions and topics that you do not agree with may be expressed and discussed among players. This policy is provided to ensure an appropriate restriction is placed on issues and conversations that could possibly be seen as offensive. It governs any and all comments made within the game, along with all threads, posts, topics, opinions, links, and expressed ideas within our forums. With that apparent, this policy is strictly enforced and any violations may result in action being taken against your account (referred to hereunder as account action). The resolve of each case is solely under the discretion of our support team and may or may not be displayed publicly.

Keep in mind that some things that might not be offensive to you may have a completely different effect on someone else. We ask that everyone be mindful of what you say and respect your fellow players. The best advice we can give on how to respond to harassment is by not responding back at all.

Not every report we receive must fall under one of the harassment sections listed below and we reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. The likely course of account action for violating this policy will be:

1st Offense: Player is given a Warning

2nd Offense: Player is temporarily suspended from the game and/or forums

3rd Offense: Player receives a Final Warning and lengthy suspension. Any further violations will result in account closure

4th Offense: Account Closure

Remember, you will find that much of our portal, PlayRohan, community is quite friendly and helpful, so do not be afraid to ask other players for help when you are stuck during the games!


Racial / Religious / Ethnic

PlayRohan games have a multi-cultural player base. Neither our support team, nor the community
accepts or tolerates racial, religious, or ethnic harassment. This includes but is not limited to negative remarks made about any citizen of a specific country (native to the player or not). No slandering of a person’s race or religious views will be permitted and may result in an account action.


Sexual Orientation / Sexual Harassment

Slander directed to a player’s sexual preference will not be tolerated. This issue is not taken lightly and may result in a warning or the temporary suspension of your account. Harassment that involves a person’s gender and/or encourages sexual behavior is not permitted, nor is any sort of inappropriate sexual references made about a player’s physical appearance in or out of the game. Both are grounds for action being taken against your account.


Inappropriate Language

All players should be mindful of those around them and watch their language. Directing expletives or other offensive words (in any language) to another player may result in a warning or, depending on the severity, the temporary suspension of your account.


Personal Information

Discussing your own personal information with another player is not prohibited, although it is stronglydiscouraged. Publicly displaying another player’s personal information is strictly forbidden and depending on the severity, can range from a warning, to the banning of your account.


Disruption of GM or Player Sponsored Events / Zone Disruption

Both online and offline public events will be held for PlayRohan games, and whether they are sponsored by a Game Master, guild, or even an individual, our support team will not condone the intentional disruption of an event that is not disturbing the daily activities of other players. Any player found excessively spamming or intentionally going out of their way to create a disturbance that will
continually harass an individual or group of players may be subjected to an account action.


Threat of Real Life Violence / Threat of Malicious Activity

PlayRohan games are leisure activities that should never result in players threatening to deal
physical harm to one another outside of the games. This includes but is not limited to any report concerning physical violence, destruction or defacement of a person’s property, infecting or damaging another user’s computer, and threatening to compromise a player’s account. Any reports of such activity may result in action being taken against your account, and in extreme cases, we may
be forced to take action beyond what is documented in this policy.


Advertising & Selling

Unapproved advertisement and sale, and involved distribution of in game virtual property or services for real monetary gains are strictly prohibited. Any involvement with, or trade concerning these activities may lead to the suspension or closure of your account.

PLAYWITH reserves the right to change this Policy at any time. All changes to the Policy will be effective when posted, and your continued use of any PLAYWITH website or service after the posting will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, those changes.

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