Scammed on the Exchange Server
Posted by - NA - on 04 July 2008 01:44 PM

As with any game there are always players that will attempt to defaud others in an attempt to gain virtual property. To avoid these issues when purchasing items, crones or characters it is recommended that you fully read the description and view the sale listing to ensure the authenticity of what is advertised.

In some case however the information advertised is not displayed on the sale listing from our system. Items and crones should show the appropriate stats and amounts however characters do not always display the relevant information that may be advertised.

Typically listings with enhanced skills are the sales that are most likely to be fraudulent as the character's skill information does not display on our system for the buyer. In cases such as these we recommend contacting our support staff either via Live Chat or by sumbiting a ticket to verify the authenticity of the character on sale. Please provide a link to the sale listing as well as it's title so that our support staff can accurately investigate these issues.

Unfortunately in the event that a scam issue occurs on the Exchange Market PLAYWITH Interactive Support Staff is unable to reverse these transactions to reimburse the buyer. Players that are caught defrauding other users on the Exchange Market will be subject to Exchange Market access closure or account closure depending on the severity of the offense.

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