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Q: How do I use the Exchange Market?
A: In order to use the Exchange Market you will first have to purchase an Exchange License for 500 Rps.

Q: Where an I purchase my Exchange License?
A: First login to your account on Click the Exchange Market button then find the Membership button on the left side of the page.

Q: I just purchased my Exchange License but can't buy items. Why is this happening?
A: Upon first purchasing the Exchange License a 24 hour security hold will be placed on your Exchange Access. 24 hours after the purchase is made this service will be available for your account to use.

Q: Is there a transaction fee for using the Exchange Market?
A: Yes, a 10% transaction fee is applied to the seller for all sales that are completed. Once a buyer purchases your sale 10% of the selling price will be deducted and the remainder will be credited to your account. Buyers will experience no fee however in purchasing items, crones or characters.

Q: I'm trying to purchase a character/item/crones from a user on the Exchange Market but am receiving the error "please buy from another user".
A: This error means that the seller has had a restriction placed on their Exchange Market access and is unable to make further sales from their account. Unfortunately the listing for sale cannot be processed.

Q: I just purchased an item from the E.M. but can't find it in game.
A: To retrieve items first make sure you are logged in on the same server the purchase was made for. Open your Exchange Market inventory and click the "Retrieve" button. If the page fills up and the item you are looking for is not there you will have to clear space in your Exchange Inventory for the newly purchased item to appear.

Q: I just purchased crones from the E.M. and can't find these in game.
A: When crones are purchase you will first have to go to the "sell" section of the E.M. and unseal these crones. Once unsealed the crones will be in a temporary exchange inventory in your treasury. Visit the treasury NPC and click the "Withdraw" button. You will then be asked how many crones you wish to transfer. Once transferred these crones will appear in your treasury to be removed on the character you desire.

Q: I just purchased a character but they are still appearing as "sealed" in game. How do I access my character?
A: You will first have to go to the "sell" list in your Exchange Market menu on Locate the server the character is on and select to unseal them. They should now be accessible in game for you to play on.

Q: I just bought a character and plan to resell them on the E.M. Is there anything I should know about prior to selling?
A: If a character is purchased for the purpose of resale we highly recommend that you first unseal this character and log in them at least 1 time on your account prior to reselling. This allows the character to register on your account appropriately to prevent any selling issues on the Exchange Market. We have determined an issue that can occur if a character is purchased and resold too many times without being unsealed blocking the character's ability to be unsealed. In order to prevent any issues with character unsealing it is recommended that the characters be unsealed at the time of purchase and resealed for the sale.

Q: Can I trade/transfer my character to another player/account through exchange market?
A: There is no services that support this at this time, if you will post anything on exchange market. It can be purchased by any members as long as they have enough RPs. So trading characters isn't possible.

Q: I stored items on my exchange inventory. Now I cannot retrieve it. What shall I do?
A: Please take note that the exchange inventory was not meant for storing items, like your bag or bank. It's only used for transferring items to the website for sale. The limit of exchange inventory is 5 pages or 50 items. If more than 50 items are stored in there the items exceeding 50 will not display initially. The solution is to clear your exchange inventory and all items sealed or unsealed in exchange market. After doing so you must relog and try to retrieve the items again. If it doesn't work, contact a GM for further assistance.

Q: When purchasing a character or item from the Exchange Market, what can we do to make sure that it’s not a scam/false listing?
A: Before you purchase the desired item/character, you may inquire its stats/skills/options through the GMs. They may be contacted by email ( or by Live Chat (
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